Sunday, March 2, 2008



Just wanted to show you my new Spring Frida painting that I just listed on eBay. It is BIG and it is BOLD and it is so far one of my best pieces. I have put many hours of work on this one and had great fun doing it!

sold! Thank you Nicole!

Remember, tomorrow is YEAR OF THE RAT ART EVENT !!!

So if your piece is ready, please either send me a link to a picture of it or send me through a reasonable size picture (72 dpi resolution max - not bigger than 4 inches wide) I DO NOT have high speed internet, so please keep it small. I will be posting each entries on my blog with a link to your blog

Since I have been so quiet lately maybe a few of you will not remember the date, so I will give you guys 2 days to to get prepared and email me your art. In other words, last call for entries will be March 4 2008 at 23h59

Remember.... a nice surprise will be awarded to the winner whose name will be drawned randomly on Wednesday, March 5 in the morning

Last week was such a busy week, it left me no time to write on my blog. And I have missed it a lot! I will be back tomorrow with more news...


love.boxes said...

spring Frida is gorgeous! Love her!

Diane Duda said...

Glad your back! and love the painting!
I didn't get a rat painting done :(, but will certainly stop by to see all that did!


Jenn said...

Love this Frida Lulu!! little rat is finished and so silly!!! I posted her on my blog here:

I really had such a hard time getting a photo of her. But it was fun to make her! Thanks Lulu!! xox..jenn

michelle said...

I finished my rat. It is on my blog, probably easiest to copy it from there. It is at:

this is so fun!