Monday, February 18, 2008


OUT ON A TOO-EARLY SPRING DAY. The weather was so mild today and so sweet and oh so sunny! the girls decided to take a walk away from Master Rooster Jello. So they managed to do the chicken walk across the garden to their favorite summer spot. But the bench was too wet so they flapped their wings and perched on the apple tree. Then they spent the afternoon grooming themselves and basking in the sun...You are right girls, spring is coming soon!

I am sorry for being so quiet on my blog and so darn late in answering your mails and comments but it has been very busy here.

Dad is still at the hospital but he is doing better each day, getting back to normal slowly but surely. I visit him every day, the hospital is only 25 minutes from here, we always have a nice chat, laughing at the little happenings of the day and marvelling at each little health improvements. My mom goes everyday, has lunch with him (that she cooks and brings with her) and spend the entire afternoon with him. My brother lives further away but he tries his best to come and visit a couple of times a week.

I got sick last week, high fever, splitting sinus headache and big caugh with extreme fatigue and it is now slowly going away. I think it was caused by all the stressed I went through and that tension needed to come out somehow. So I went to bed early daily, worked some on commissioned paintings already started but had no time to work on new art for either eBay or Etsy. But I think I will be good for a studio day tomorrow...

I can not believe we are going to the Yucatan in Mexico in a little more than 5 weeks! It's been ages since we took a real vacation the 3 of us together, meaning leaving home and staying in a totally different surrounding for 2 weeks! I spent a lot of time in Mexico before Ulysse was born. Francois and I would drive from Southern Quebec to the tip of Yucatan every winter, we would spend a month or two living in a very rudimentary cabana, without electricity, and all we would do is paint, dive and fish, read and write...Then we would hit the road with our old pickup truck and tour Mexico from South to North and East to West. We saw so much in that country, all the souvenirs we have from these adventures are great ones... So, more than 12 years later, were are going back to the same cabana and will be meeting friends we met then, who will be spending time on the beach too. I can't wait for Ulysse to live that experience, there is so much to see and feel and taste and try and touch and view...Ohhhhh, can't wait to be there again !!! I will take tons of pictures and write a journal everyday so once I am back home, I will be posting it all on this blog.

I haven't written much but have been checking everybody's blog and I promised I will be saying Hi! again soon...I was given the YOU MAKE MY DAY AWARD by Susan at http://a walk in the ! Thank you so much Susan, YOU made my day! It pleases me so to know you are enjoying my regular blablabla on everything! THANKS SUSAN! You are wonderful! I guess it is now my turn to give the awards to my favorite blogs. Let me build my list tonite and I will get back to you tomorrow and list their names.

Hope life is good for you all...Take care...


Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Lulu,
What a pleasure to connect with you! I have so enjoyed my visit to your blog - beautiful photos and artwork!

I love your neck of the woods. Almost 10 years ago, hubbie and I honeymooned in North Hatley at Manoir Hovey (the food is to die for) and went on to the city of Quebec and Isle de Orleans. Wonderful places to visit!

I have added your blog to my Bloglines roster.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment.

I look forward to visiting again soon.


Susan said...

You are certainly welcome. Very glad you are feeling better. The vacation sounds like great fun and a learning experience. I, on the other hand, think I'm am "roughing it" if our hotel room doesn't have a microwave. Enjoy your time, you certainly deserve it.
Susan K. (A Walk in the Park)

Lee Weber said...

Hope you're feeling better! I'm on abx. too. I hate sinus infections. I was coughing so hard at one point I thought my head would split! Blech.

Anyway, glad your Pops is better too. Sounds like you're gettin to spend some great time with him.

Your adventures in Mexico sound absolutely amazing! I'm so jealous! You should write about them in detail someday, for you son.