Thursday, January 10, 2008


François, my husband, has been a commercial illustrator for a long time. But about a year ago, he started doing some recycled metal art sculptures in his outdoor shop. He would love to do that full-time but it is a tough situation since he can not really work indoors with the blow torch, the tanks, the heat and the fire in winter. Too dangerous... So, he has resigned himself to work on his art from spring to fall only, working in a semi-enclosed part of his outdoor studio. Here is one of his latest creations... I love it !

I spent all day in my studio today, working on many pieces at the same time and making the worst mess of cut out bits of paper, tape, glue, paint bottles, books. The situation is so serious that I doubt I can find all of my 5 cats in there tonite. Wish I had myself one of these little magic trolls you see in books, who snap their fingers to turn bad into good. Or maybe an on-off switch that would turn my upside room into a clean and spiffy atelier. Or maybe just that I would just learn once and for all to put away my stuff once I am done with it. Or even that my mom would clean my room like she did when I was a teenager, ohhhh did I hate that... But I am having a heck of a goog time doing what I am doing! So, Bye bye Feng Shui, Hello Messy!!!


Jenn said...

Hi Lulu! That is such a beautiful sculpture your hubby made! How fun your house must be with all 3 of you creative people filling it up with good things. So glad you got your mojo back...your Valentine girl is oh so sweet!!

I remembered today about your Chinese New Year project! I need to get started on something!! xoxoxo...jenn

Susan said...

Hey there Lulu, I can relate to your hubby's frustrations. I feel the same way about papier mache, as I have to do it outside due to the mess. It is a lovely piece of art. Such talent, in one family no less.
Susan K.