Sunday, January 6, 2008

LA FÊTE DES ROIS (Epiphanie)

Today was the last official day of our holiday season celebrations and what a great day it was. My parents came over in this afternoon and after sipping a nice chilled rosé we ate the galette cut in pieces and, of course, Ulysse got the piece with the fève so he was crowned king of the day! After stuffing ourselves, I took out the gigantic surprise bag I got from Archie McPhee and passed it around so we each had our turn of grabbing a surprise. Actually, there was so much goodies in there that we all had about 8 turns each! And the stuff was what we really needed like sushi-shaped car fresheners, bad habits plastic charms, boxes of super genius bubble gum, a nice big white rat, Cleopatra action figure, a cat-a-pult, a computer glow inthe dark guardian angel windup and so much more...We had a riot, thanks Archie!

The countdown is on, tonite is the last let's not do too much night, tomorrow the last day of procrastination...Can't wait to go back to work now!

Ohhhhhh....we got a post card from our long-time friend Jay in Minnesota, whom we met in Mexico almost 20 years ago. He is going to be in the Yucatan the whole month of March with his girlfriend and I think the 3 of us will go and join them !!!!! We would be going right after Easter and spend a couple of weeks in Tulum in a cabana we rented a couple of times before. Ohhhhh! We are all getting so excited!!! But before going any further with our plans, we need to make sure our friend Mario will come to take care our place while we are gone. We just can't leave the house with 5 cats, 3 dogs, 2 hens, a rooster, a turtle and fishes. Plus 2 wood stoves to care for and a house we would NEVER leave unnatended. We will be fixed about this trip later this week. Ohhhhh! it would be so great to be back in Mexico!!!


Susan said...

Oh LULU, all this sounds soooo exciting. Your table looks so very festive. I enjoy learning of customs and traditions that are new to me.
Keep us posted.
Susan K.

Diane Duda said...

Sounds like you had fun and that there is more fun to be had!
Hope you get to take your trip and am looking forward to new artwork from you. :)


tascha said...

Oh that looks like so much fun!
The weather here has been so warm! 14 degrees C today! Tomorrow should be warm too. Next week is back to winter. Let's enjoy it while we can!