Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Look what Francois gave me for my birthday!!! A skull altar that he spent days making! Handmade of wood, it has little drawers and a frame to put souvenirs of my no-longer-with-usanimals. I LOOOOOOVE IT! I will be adding a little light bulb to light it from the inside. My birthday was on December 28 but a while ago we decided since it is so squeezed in between Xmas and New Year, we would be celebrating it when I feel like it. This way, I can add another year to my age when I feel like it. It's MY birthday and I can have it MY way!!! Francois is thinking of selling these little altars this year, he might offer them painted as well and possibly with a cut-out cat or dog or semething else image in the door. I am an altar freak, I love these little displays of religious and allsorts items that are put together as an offer to a departed loved one.

Zut alors! not easy to go back to work!!! Add to it a little pressure here and there, a couple of false starts and a too long break since the last canvas... But, I have sketch 5 or 6 good ones and an trying to finish a small canvas tonite, this one with a little bit more collaged paper and texture. The return to school was not too tough, Ulysse's school is an old-fashioned one built in 1906, located beside the Catholic church and the cemetery, it's got a bellfry, a garden beside it and a grand total of 108 children, kindergarden to grade 6. ALL the parents know each other and the kids are almost like cousins. And a bonus you get when you leave in a small village in the countryside, you can park your bicycle in the schoolyard without a padlock!!! I will post a picture tomorrow, I forgot to snap one today.

Hey, monsieur Winter! What's wrong with ya? We got a 60 degrees F today, right smack in the month of January and the grass is starting to grow. Even the roosters and the hens stepped out of the coop for a fresh snack on the compost pile! No more skating for now, there is about a foot of water on top of the ice in the pond...But we are not fooled, no sirry Winter!!! We know you will be back sooner than later and this short spring will have been nothing but a beautiful dream...


Lee W. said...

wow- your husband did a wonderful job! Happy Birthday 2 u!!

catboxartstudio said...

Yes LuLu, your husband is a talent for sure! I LOVE the altar he made for you for your birthday - what a purrfect present! If he decides to make them, I would absolutely love one (with the skull of course) unfinished so that I can put my own spin on it! What a treasure you have on your hands, and by the way, Happy Birthday to you!!!Celebrate in style!

sUz said...

What a thoughtful gift from your husband! By the way, Happy Birthday!
I so want to visit where you live, it sounds so charming and warm!
Hopefully your creative muse has gotten back on track by now!
iN jOy,

Susan said...

What a cool present. Happy Birthday to You. These would definitely sell, but the love put into this one would never be up for sale. Enjoy it.
Susan K.