Wednesday, January 23, 2008


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Yep! I am definitely staying with manustahlopinetin...It is so much fun!!! And thanks for ALL the positive feedback you have been sending, either via my blog or through Etsy convos and emails. I feel so recharged now, I am ready to paint the world !!!

I finished this Valentine Angel Queen this morning and I am so proud of it! I did all sorts of collage on this one, even added real red ribbon bows. It is available on eBay. I am finishing a large one tonite, a NEW FRIDA KAHLO painting that I should be able to post tomorrow on eBay and Etsy. No wonder I have only been painting angels and fairies, I feel like I have a set of my own!

Brrrr, it is so cold tonite and the sky is so bright, it is beautiful outside. I just went to close the chicken coop's door and turn their heating lamp on and the snow sparkles like in one of these fairy tales movies. You know the sparkles you see in commercials, when teeth are so clean and white that TING ! They sparkle! And it is so quiet in winter here, you can hear the sound of what nothing sounds like... if you know what I mean ;-)

Ohhhhh, my husband has been working hard in his welding shop and when I passed by today, I was forbidden to enter... I smell Valentine creation in the air! Ohhhhh, I love it!

Hey! How's your YEAR OF THE RAT ART EVENT piece coming along ?


Susan said...

I also love the sound of the snow. I think Valentine's surprises are so yummy, especially the non-edible type. Can hardly wait to see all the entries for Year of the Rat. Mine is so silly...hope that is ok.
Susan K.

michelle said...

My goodness, you are on such a lovely roll! She is just amazing! And I worked on my little contribution to the year of the rat today, not finished though.

love.boxes said...

Gorgeous! Your vibrant color and there is a real prettiness to your work. Love this!

Jenn said...

Love her dress Lulu!!! My Year of the Rat is almost ready:) When do we send you pictures? Have a happy Friday! xoxo