Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Ahhhhhhhh!!! Yesterday was a tough working day. 17 days without drawing, painting and creating will do that to you. I scribbled and sketched all day then started applying colors on canvas but the mood was not there. And for a millisecond, I flipped, freaked out and lost my mind!!! I had lost my mojo !!! I took a short break instead of continuing to pop out buttons and returned an hour later to sit at my work table and think. And I said Let's have fun and do this painting for me, without creating boundaries or expectations. And it worked !!! I had a riot from 11 at night till 4h30 this morning. Lots of collage in that little 6"x8" canvas painting, coats of acrylics, penciled words, glued on words and all kinds of papers, love words and even two real buttons. I LOVE the results, hope you like this one too! I just listed it on eBay and will offer it on Etsy as well. First comes, first served. Now that I got me my little mojo back, I will keep it in a locket on my heart and I will treat it nice. Yeahhhh baby !!!!

As usual, at 3h30 p.m. I took the car and drove down to the village to pick up Ulysse out of school. I got there a few minutes ahead and took a picture of the school so I could show you what it looks like. I spent time in the old cemetery beside and marvelled at this beautiful virgin statue, sun shining on it while the dark sky pushed by the wind ran like a wild horse. The old cemeteries in the Eastern Townships of Quebec are amazing witnesses of the past and never cease to amaze me. One of the old families of the townships, the Goodhues, have tombstones in every cemetery around. This particular family lost 4 children below the age of 5, one of them little Napoleonia, who died in 1882 at the age of 4 years, 2 months and 27 days... I do not know what killed her and her brothers and sisters, probably a disease, but what a drame of sadness it must have been for the family at the time....

Spring weather is still here and has melted almost all the snow we had accumulated. But the wind is picking up tonite and I can hear Mr. Winter coming back...Too bad, I was ready for spring!


Susan said...

Ohhh, glad you've got your mojo back baby. This is a great piece. Keep that art coming our way. Love the school and the gravestone, also.
Susan K.

Diane Duda said...

There is an old cemetery within walking distance of my dad's farm with old gravestones just like this. I like to walk over there in the springtime. I like knowing that it has been around for so long and still remains.

Love the new painting!


mer said...

The photos are beautiful, but I think you mean 1882 rather than 1982?

loves it

TJ said...

I know what you mean about the mojo!!! Oy.

I love old cemeteries too. It's that mix of creepy & wonder. Great photos!