Sunday, January 13, 2008


I say FAKE FAKE FAKE it is all fake!!! Can you believe having a spring day on January 13 in Québec, land of the lumberjacks? This is real bad even though it is real good... The 3 feet of snow has almost all melted away, the sun has been here for a few days, the chicken came out of the coop, we built a fire outside and raked the ground to get rid of broken twigs... This is bad but oh so good... Ulysse got his hand-drill out and just for the fun of it, he decided to pierce one of our big maple trees to see if, by any chance in this crazy day of fake spring, there wouldn't be some sap coming out. And, yes, there was and it was flowing like in the best days of sugarshack frenzy, late February - early March, and it tasted sweet, and it was pure and cold, and we gulped it out directly out of the tap, and it was just incredible! And the smells of the soil, the dried up flower stakes in the garden, even the pond showing some of its mysterious depths through the thin ice.

Have you been bitting by the Crocs yet? Every member of the family has been snatched by them, even my dad and mom and niece. But as strange as it might seem, even though we have all been contaminated by them, we all ADORE them! Crocs! And I mean no reptile here, I am talking about the sandals!!! I could not live without them even when I first saw them I hated their look. But my mom offered me a pair for Mother's Day (Yep, my mom gives me a gift for MD!!!) and it was instant love! I wear them all the time, at the beach, in the mud, in the garden, in my car, in my studio. When they get dirty I throw them in the sink with some dishwashing liquid and brush them a little and they look as good as they did when they arrived! If you don't own a pair, run to the store to get some asap. There are so many great styles and colors. Gee, you'd think i have been paid by the company to make a speach. BUT, you don't wear no crocs in the snow... And this breaks my heart! The snow gets in the wholes, it melts and your socks are all wet and then you swear...So a dream of mine has been to live in a dream world where I could wear my crocs every day, everywhere, even in winter. SEE???

This is where you know this spring day in winter was FAKE... I wore my crocs today outside, Ulysse too and François, and we all laughed cause we should have been wearing out skates today, or our snowboots, or skiboots, or snowshoes, or.....

And it bad even though it is good. Because we know that a fake spring day will bring harsh winter days soon... No daydreaming here... At least not until beginning of April!!!

Ulysse and I went for a walk in the fields with the 3 dogs and we had a riot making believe we were hunting kibbits, just like in Runescape (online kinda medieval role-game - Ulysse's fav) and imitating the voice Gulum, the evil nasty creature in the Lord of the Ring, which we had watched on tv the night before. My precious, my adored ....The dogs go nuts in the field, such a vast space to run in and a large big sky with no limits over our heads.


Jenn said...

We've been having fake spring as well. The 8 inches of snow we were supposed to get last night...wound up being a few drops! And yes! We have been bitten by the Crocs:) Did you know they make winter ones with fleecy inserts! My boys LOVE them!! Happy week to you Lulu...jenn

Lee W. said...

cracking up- i was out raking and burning the other day. Fake sring here too- even the birds are confused, I think. Love my Crocs, wear them to work (I'm an RN). My little guys each have them and love them!

michelle said...

You are right, enjoy it while you can. And my daughter loves her crocs too!