Thursday, January 3, 2008


I did this illustration for an article on 'GLOVES' for a Canadian magazine a few months ago and I might offer it on Ebay just for fun. It is bigger than my usual paintings and done on illustration board, not on a canvas, therefore it needs to be framed. No girls, nor mermaids, nor fairies, nor angels in there, only gloved hands busy doing something and collaged words. The background was also done in collage, painted over with a lavender acrylic wash. The client loved it!

Today was out of this world cold, and I mean COLD!!!! -28 degrees celcius (roughly the same degrees in Farenheight degrees) was what my half-dead outdoor thermometer screamed! All the animals stayed inside, the dogs were even willing to use the cats's litter box! So, we went skating for a little while, marveled at the gigantic icicles hanging from the roof and I cleaned up my studio while Ulysse and his friend played Mario Galaxy on the Wii. I love it when the cleaning up work is done, it is so Feng Shui, you can walk from one spot to another without stumbling on piles of books, opened boxes and scattered remains of previous art pieces. But... I hate cleaning up, I am such a messy person... Shame on me! But I do have some good sides, that is what my family tells mel. Anyways, the studio is spotless and if it stays long enough immaculate, I might snap a picture of it to show you.


Susan said...

LuLu, how did you find time to clean? You are much too busy to be on holiday. If you are like me, and it sounds like you are, you'd better post that "clean studio" shot quickly, because it may not last long. Enjoy it while you can!
Susan K.

Jenn said...'s so fun! I can see how your client loved it!!

Love your snowman from the other post too! Dried hydrangea hair!! Such a good idea!!