Sunday, December 2, 2007


We are all feeling much better today, youppi!

We started taking the Christmas decorations out of their boxes but there are so many it usually takes a full day to do it all. So, we will do the rest tomorrow. Wednesday is tree picking and chopping day. We walk around in the forest and choose a tree that does not have much chance, being squeazed tight between two larger ones, and we give it a special spot and treatment 5 weeks long in our house. It stays all decked until Epiphany, January 6 then we take it outside and let it have another kind of life by covering it with balls of suet and seeds for the birds. Comes April or May, it goes into its final stage, well kinda of, we put it through the chipper, which grates it to fine pieces that spread the pieces on the compost pile. Than, of course, the compost pile is used in the garden and else where and eventually another fir, spruce or pine tree will reseed itself in it. I always teased my husband that when I die, I want him to put my ashes in the compost pile so I can just come back to life in the garden on, and on, and on ....

I went down the pond and we completely cleaned the snow of it. Took a while but we had a riot. Ulysse built the ultimate recycled snow vehicle, used the board from an old skate board and put it under a green box, which is used in Montreal to put recyclable material, such as paper, glass, carboard, etc. in, so that the trashmen can pick it up properly. That box is made of recycled material too. We named it the sno-tro (trop, pronounced tro in French literaly means too much). I pushed him across the pond, it flew on the surface of this ice and the 3 dogs were going wild!

After, we came inside, had a hot chocolate. I make it the Mexican way, using dark grated chocolate, milk with a bit of cream and a dash of cinnamon. Miam!!! We then made unedible cookies I used to make with my grandmother. We called them potpourri cookies. You simply mix a bag of each of cinnamon, nutmeg and ground cloves, then add just enough store-bough applesauce to make a pliable dough, a bit similar to homemade playdough. You then flatten the dough between two pieces of wax paper and cut the dough with your favorite cookies cutters. You pierce each of them on top with a plastic straw than place them on a cookie sheet or other flat surface, covered first by another piece of wax paper. You can oven dry these for 5-6 hours at 150 degrees F or simply let them dry out in your house for a few days. Once dried you can attach a piece of ribbon to each of them or made a garland with all of them. You can also decorate them to your likings. We like them plain style, so traditional and primitive. What happens is because of the apple sauce, they retain a certain humidity and keep on smelling spicy for a long time. We love making those!

Have a great week!

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Lee W. said...

it's been a long time since I made thoses ornaments. You've inspired me to do it this year- esp. with my 4 yo!