Saturday, December 1, 2007


... but POSITIVE I will have a better day tomorrow!

It's amazingly chilly here for this time of the year, having a -17 degrees celcius right now. We will clean the pond tomorrow and see if the ice is good enough to skate. LOVE skating! I am such a kid but I like going by myself with my hockey skates and I make believe I am a star skater, going loops and figures and stuff. The fun part is we put our skates at our house, step outside and slide down the hill to the pond.

Now, we are all sick with the stomach flue that my son brought back from school, all going to bed earlier and planning on a great day tomorrow.

I have not been able to work much on my paintings today but started crocheting a pink scarf out of scratch wool I had put aside with the years. So I lounged in my daybed while Ulysse was playing Runescape on the net and my hubby was watching hockey on the tv. Just like a real good old Saturday should be...

A bientôt! LuLu

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Lee W. said...

feel better soon- tha virus was down herer not too long ago. So jealus of your pond- what a great winter tradition.