Monday, December 3, 2007


I can not believe it ! Here we are beginning of December, and already 2 snowstorms have hit us, today's was pretty serious... Most of the schools were closed, not only in the countryside but even in Montreal where they got over 2 feet of snow. With some nasty wind too, I will tell you. But at least, snow always warms up the degrees so it was not a frigid day.

Nothing better they to learn, when you are a kid, that you can stay home! So, we spent the day in pyjamas! I got to finish 2 of the 5 paintings I am currently working on and I was able to wrap everything that needs to be shipped. A good day of work, indeed!

A friend, who stopped by, said that this winter is supposed to be the worst in 15 years! We all laughed 'cause every year, there is a new theory about how the months coming ahead will make us suffer. But you know what, I like winter! I like staying inside and doing all the stuff that needs to be done that I do not do in summer because I can not stay inside!!! I love skiing, skating, walking in the snow but what I like the most about this season is that it is a relaxed one, with short days and long nights....And it is white and clean and silent outside and I think it is the best time for me to really communicate with nature...and to realize how lucky I am to have this peace and space all around me...

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LINDSAY said...

Still waiting for snow here! I love the soft blanket of white that seems to quiet everything. The farmer's almanac is forecasting 90+ inches of snow for us this year, that's more than double from last that thing ever right anyway...we'll see! Happy Snow Days :)