Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Bou! It is snowing again... Snowed yesterday, snowed Sunday, snowed Saturday. Yes, I know, a white Christmas is always preferable. But winter has arrived so early this year, we didn't even get an orange Halloween! I am telling you, by the time spring arrives, we, Southern Quebec indigens, will be so ready, we will be drooling, ripping off our clothes with our nails and barking at the sun!

Still too busy to converse for a long time, I have to finish this little painting tonite so I can ship it tomorrow with the others waiting to go. I promise I will be more in a chatting mood once Santa has visited and I know my paintings were all delivered in time.

I just added this little Love Fairy painting on eBay tonite, will aim for another one tomorrow.

Everyone is acting crazy today in our household, lots of energy and excitement in the air, which usually means a storm is a comin.... Oh nooooooo!

I would love to know who The Odd Bird Studio is! I tried linking to your blog but to no avail. Write again!

Don't forget to think about my Year of the Rat Art Event project. I would love to have more participants !!!!

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The Oddbird Studio said...

I guess I'm The Oddbird you are talking about.... lol... My blog is @