Sunday, December 9, 2007


My son Ulysse learned something new in school this year, something very unusual for a boy to learn: his teacher thought the class, boys and girls, how to knit. He is in grade 6 and of course, when the boys heard that everyone of them screamed like the end of the world was coming. But guess what, they LOOOOOOVE it! They especially love the fact that you start with a strand of wool and by twisting it with needles, it becomes something like a piece of woven fabric. So, all the kids in the classe knit squares, all different colors and the teacher assembles them to make a friendship blanket, which will be auctioned, at the end of the year, at the local Art Fest. So, this morning, in his advent calendar, Ulysse found a skein of wool died different shades of beige, green and brown. He loves it, calls it camo wool, and in a couple of hours, he knitted himself a vambrace, a knight-style forearm protector. He was so proud of himself!

Today was the annual brunch at school and boy, there were so many people, best year so far! About 10 years ago, the school decided that instead of having the kids go door to door selling these darn chocolate bars, soap bottle or what not, they would organize, with the help of volunteer parents, an annual brunch, somekind of breakfast buffet. It is now a tradition in the region, people mark it on their calendar and comes the day, everyone is there. It is a very nice happening since it creates a warm relationship between kids, parents, neighbors, teachers and families in general. And this year was the best, lots of laugh, food, friendship and good in your heart feelings. Even Santa was good with tons of gifts for each kid and thank God, he really looked like Santa, not like one of those fakes ones!!!

Time to go back to work now, got a couple of real nice commissioned paintings a few hours ago, from returning buyers, and this is always the best!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Jenn said...

How fun Lulu! My nephew is in 6th grade and has completely fallen in love with sewing in his Home Economics class! I think that is the coolest!! Congrats on your commissions too:) xox...jenn

Lee W. said...

great traditions- brunch, and now knitting!!

Diane Duda said...

I have a 6th grader too. He's quite the little artist, so he's already go the creative gene. Maybe Grandma could interest him in this too.

Have a creative day!