Saturday, November 24, 2007


Today, I didn't do much and guess what? It's ok! I wanted to finish a painting but by the time I was ready to sit down in my studio, something else caught my attention and finally, I just gave up the good intention. Needed a break day... I guess I was also a bit disapointed I did not get any bids on two of the paintings I had listed on eBay... Oh well, I guess it is normal not to hit the jackpot every time. Also, I hear a lot of sellers on eBay and Etsy are not selling as well as a few months ago, all this because of the price of gas and the financial situation. Are you feeling this happening or is it just me?
Today was a beautiful day all frosted and sunny. I thought our house looked so pretty I had to show a pic.
My son and I had a treat driving back home from a friend's place at dusk: there was a beautiful deer in our parking and two more eating the apples left on the trees. Just breathtaking, the scene was a perfect nature miracle, something to remind you that nature is always there and so important...
Talk to you all soon,


Jenn said...

Hi Lulu! It took me awhile to figure out the treasury myself...but once I did, I was so hooked! It is great if you are in one (and no, you don't have to do anything) because it just gives you more exposure. When you have a bunch of free time (hahahahaha...what exactly is that!?) here is a tutorial on the treasury:

I really have been so busy lately...but I'm enjoying it while it's here. I feel a bit like a one woman factory...trying to churn all this out. I don't really work on more than 1 thing at a time...but I'll prep a bunch of canvases at once and then just dive in and start painting! I have way too many ideas floating around my brain and not enough time to bring them to life! I too am ready for a relaxing day!!!

Have a super happy week! Talk to you soon!! xoxo.jenn

LuLu said...

Thanks for the treasury info, Jen! I will check it more deeply when I have a minute...I see you are doing real well, on Etsy and on eBay. I am so happy for you! I work the same way you do, I will prep 6 to 8 canvas, spend a day on sketching, then paint one a day if at all possible. Of course, the less days you spent without painting, the faster you get and the better. The worst is when you stopped for a vacation and have to come back to the studio. I have done that last summer and found it quite though to return. But I do have other things happening in my life, and these things need time too. Have a great day! LuLu