Thursday, November 22, 2007


between two paintings, I found the time to create my blog site. I have been reading other artists' blogs for a month now and it is a real pleasure to visit a few of them in the morning while I am sipping my first cup of coffee. So, there! All done, my blog will hopefully get better with time. And, before I forget, you will have to get use to my weird English and forgive my many mistakes... A few of you know me from eBay where I have been selling my paintings for almost a year, that is one and off. I just starting selling on Etsy as well. I am a self-taught illustrator and have been working mostly in the editorial and educational fiels, creating images for magazines and school books. But painting on canvas is what I like the most. I will try to post something daily and will use this blog of mine to keep track of what is happening in my life, in my art and in my head. I have been working hard and very late this week, trying to squeeze in 2 commissioned paintings I need to finish by this weekend ande 5 other new paintings I should be able to post on eBay and Etsy tomorrow. I love to work late at night in the silence, no music, only the noise of the cats feet stomping on my studio floor. My son Ulysse, who is now 11 years old, loves to crash on the day-bed in that room during the evening after his homeworks are done and talk about stuff and draw and read until he falls asleep. Often enough, he will sleep the night through while I work till 3 or 4 a.m. when my rooster tells me its time to switch shifts. The Pinacle mountain has been covered in snow for a week now, it seems like it rains everywhere else than here. Snow arrives early and leaves late but it still amazes me that despite these harsh winters we get, our summers get unbearably hot and humid. Zut! I miss the green grass, the flowers, the noise of the insects and the hummingbirds already. Patience.... Hourrah! I sold my first original painting today on Etsy! My little Daring Flower Fairie. Thanks a bunch Kim for coming back for more! Gotta go back to work before yawning takes over creativity! A bientôt! LuLu


Maya said...

Congratulations on entering the world of blogging LuLu. I wish you much success in your new Etsy store and I will go have a peek later.

Thanks for the invite.

Janice aka Maya

LINDSAY said...

Hello Lulu~

Congrats on your first sell on Etsy. It will be fun to visit your blog and see what you're up to. It looks great!

Jenn said...

Hooray for your blog Lulu!! I'm so happy for your first sale on etsy...I know you will do so well there:)

Your mermaid Frida painting on your blog banner is one of my bright and is fabulous!


LuLu said...

Hello Maya! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I will be visiting yours too and will make sure I check your stuff on Etsy!

Nolwenn said...

J'aime bien regarder les premiers messages des blogs, même quand les blogs ont commencé depuis relativement longtemps ;)

Je n'ai pas encore tout lu, mais j'aime bien ton univers.

Tu viens d'où en France ?